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The Ferryville Farmers Market has posted the agenda for their June 17 meeting at 9am. You may view it in the calendar by clicking on the event. Village of Ferryville || Events Calendar (wi.gov)

ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT: Makepeace Engineering has made available to the public for review and comment the Environmental Assessment. A hard copy is available at the Village Hall on the table with the newspapers. If you wish to view, contact the Clerk at 608-734-9406 or vofwiclerk@gmail.com

An updated Village Directory has been published. A PDF is available for download. You may view it here: Village of Ferryville - Directory (wi.gov)



For our second update in a row the biggest story at the construction site of the new Mississippi River Bridge at Lansing is the rain. The storms that have hit so much of Iowa did not miss the northeast corner of the state where Kraemer North America is doing a great job to keep the project on schedule. This excessive amount of precipitation the past several weeks has made things a little more complicated. From high water on the Mississippi River itself to wet and sloppy conditions at the construction site, workers have met the challenges to move the project forward. That has included using pumps to dewater work areas. Despite these obstacles Kraemer NA has made progress on construction of the bridge.

Standing WaterStanding Water

That progress includes getting things ready in the cofferdam on the Iowa side of the river. This structure will provide a dry work area for the contractor to build the substructure for pier one on the west shore of the Mississippi River. Sheet piles were driven deep into the ground to create the structure. The contractor just recently finished installing tiebacks in the cofferdam. These tiebacks are long rods that are drilled through the sheet pile and into the surrounding ground at an angle. A plate is then attached to the rod inside the cofferdam to stabilize the sheet piles and keep the crews safe.

Tieback IstallationTieback Installation

Across the river on the Wisconsin shoreline, it’s time to build a cofferdam for pier 3. Now that the drilled shafts have been completed it’s time to pour the footing for the pier. Like the cofferdam made of sheet piles on the Iowa side, this structure will help keep the work area dry so crews can form up and build the substructure for the pier.

Work isn’t just happening on the shorelines, there is still a lot happening in the river at the site of pier 2. Now that the pile has been driven the contractor is completing the structure that will assist them in the exact placement of the drilled shafts. This template will guide the contractor when they start drilling the shafts. This template will guide the contractor when they start drilling the shafts that will support the footing for pier 2. Expect to see the large drilling equipment and casing on barges at this location soon.

Pier 2 TemplatePier 2 Template

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the website for this project at https://iowadot.gov/lansingbridge. When the contractor starts installing the casings and drilling out the shafts you will get a good look at what’s happening with the live webcam you can access on this website.

Lansing Bridge Website

Also, make sure you follow the project Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LansingBridge for updates. You do not have to be a Facebook member to check out the page.

Ferryville is a little village with a population of 193 in Southwestern Wisconsin. In 1912 the citizens received from the state a charter incorporating the community as a village. It is located on National Scenic State Highway 35 between Prairie du Chien and LaCrosse Wisconsin. We are located on the Mississippi river at mile marker 658.1 which is the river mileage distance measured from Cairo, IL. where the Ohio River joins the Mississippi. The village is at the foot of beautiful bluffs that rise some 600 feet above the mighty Mississippi. Ferryville is at rivers edge and is an excellent area for hunting, fishing and water sports. The village is proud of the slogan ‘A Sportsman’s Paradise’. Ferryville is also associated with the term ‘A Place for All Seasons’.

The entire area along with being a sportsman’s paradise is a motorcycle riders dream due to the hills, valleys, curves and just pretty scenery. Within the village is Sugar Creek Park, which has camping facilities, electric hookup, lavatories, and playground equipment. Also located within the village are boat launching facilities, which were rebuilt in the summer of 2003 and includes two Handicapped accessible ramps and docks.

We may be a small village, but we have plenty of friendly people and lots of beautiful scenery.

See Information Tab for links to Ferryville Tourism Council and Vision & Promotion Committee.

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